Conveniently located in the River West neighborhood of Chicago, we offer a variety of yoga classes for the general public (that include Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, etc) and our schedule and classes will be evolving as we get to know the community around us and what fits the needs of our neighbors but we will always have classes for everyone…experts to beginners.

AbsoYOGAlutely was created by Curtis Bumgarner and Luna Medical, Inc.(founded in 1996 by Marianne Luh) to fit a need for more holistic methods with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially for those living with lymphedema, vein diseases and breast cancer. We all have seen, heard or read information about how fitness and wellness play an important part in managing your health, lymphatic systems, muscles and joints…it also helps with lymphedema and other medical conditions.

We will also have specialty lymphatic yoga classes taught by a Certified Lymphedema Therapist on top of the general classes mentioned. Research has shown that by adding certain types of exercise that stimulates your lymphatic circulation to your daily routine, you can help improve your overall mental health and quality of life. We have always been proud of our dedication to everything we do for the lymphedema community and the professional and friendly service we provide to each and every customer. These specific classes will be taught 4 times a week currently on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, starting at 9am then 10:15am on both days and will be a patient setting that will be used as a safe space for those that find themselves uncomfortable in a fitness setting. This will begin on September 2nd, 2019 and you can see the class descriptions and specific times on our schedule here or on our app. Also if you are a “patient” looking for a gentle class outside of this schedule for specific lymphatic yoga there are our Iyengar and Hatha method classes that are gentle and slow. These classes offer deep breathing, a gentle approach and meditation that includes several poses that allow gravity to act on the lymphatic system. Decreasing stress increases lymphatic flow with benefits including increased range of motion, flexibility and muscle strength. Participants also experience a reduction in edema (swelling) and pain. Please call us if you want to know more about those classes.

We are so excited about our yoga studio that you will notice has a heavy focus on Restorative and Gentle Yoga, we wanted to take yoga back to the roots of yoga practice while tailoring specific classes to the restoration and rehabilitation of the body. We should all make time in our busy schedules for routine maintenance of our systems, right?

Please check out our app “AbsoYOGAlutely” on the Apple and Play stores. You can also find us on the MindBody app as well. We look forward to seeing you.

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